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SYSPRO Avanti: Application Orientation

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SYSPRO Avanti: Application Orientation

20 Min |
This course familiarizes you with SYSPRO Web User Interface, Avanti (Web UI) and provides an overview of the applications once you have opened them. You will learn the terminology for Help tours, windows, cards, listviews, datagrids, search functions and how to search for details.


  • List the areas of an application.
  • State the purpose of a Help tour.
  • Differentiate between a general window and a modal window.
  • Discuss the purpose of a card.
  • Open a card.
  • Differentiate between a listview and a datagrid.
  • List three common functions of a listview and datagrid.
  • Add and remove columns from a datagrid.
  • Filter on search results in the Generic Search.
  • Clear all filters in a Generic Search.

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