ERP Training

Become the master of your own technology and Business IT success story

The way we experience and interact with the technologically driven world around us continues to change, with the global appetite for technological expertise increasing at the expense of traditional business skills. But one thing remains the same – our desire and capacity to learn, grow and improve ourselves every day. For any business, having well-trained people is a company’s greatest asset, and living and working in today’s digital world is about learning, upskilling and mastering new skills.

SYSPRO LearnIt Online has been designed to allow users to create their very own learning experience, specific to their role within the business. Our courses provide a unique self-directed educational learning approach to system training, by delivering a full package of knowledge to ensure total concept understanding.

As with technology, we have evolved the way we design and develop content to create an optimal user experience. You may find a few different variations of the overall design of our courses, however, the common course components that are available throughout our courses are: concepts, how to steps (presented as either a video or process), an assessment to check your knowledge and a task list for you to apply your knowledge in a test environment or in the SYSPRO Labs.

SYSPRO Labs offers users the opportunity to get access to an instance of the SYSPRO product to be used for educational purposes, making use of Azure Lab Services. Contact your regional office should you want to find out more about SYSPRO Labs.

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