Shop LearnIt Subscription Offers

Please select your preferred subscription package below.

Monthly Standard

$25.00 per user / month

Monthly access to content relevant to your chosen role within the business. Become certified in your role and keep up to date on the latest content relevant to you.

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Monthly Premium

$35.00 per user / month

Monthly access to content and certification relevant to your chosen area of the business, such as Finance, Distribution, and Manufacturing.

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$350.00 per user / year

Full access to all content including certification. With 1500+ courses to choose from, all for one annual fee.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I change or cancel my plan later on?

Yes. You will receive an email with links to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

How will you bill me?

For a monthly subscription, billing will take place on a monthly basis, recurring on the date of purchase every monthly. A full billing calendar can be found in the link provided on the email sent to you once purchase is complete.

For annual subscriptions, the total fee of $350 will be debited off your account. This fee will reoccur once a year on the day and month of purchase.

What is your refund policy?

Shop LearnIt does not offer refunds on subscription products.

Regional Subscriptions

Regional subscriptions allow more flexibility and customization than the annual Shop LearnIt Subscriptions. The Regional Subscriptions are aimed at companies looking to purchase multiple seats for employees, to access the SYSPRO LearnIt Online platform.

Feature Benefit Regional Purchase Shop LearnIt Purchase
Bulk Purchases Purchase for a group of users and user bands apply. Yes No
Group Management This allows the company to track and manage all their users as well as create custom courses and learning paths. Yes No
Reporting View user insights and export user insights. Yes No
User Subscription Swap This allows a company to swap out subscriptions. This means they can purchase fewer subscriptions but allocate the licenses to different users within the annual subscription. Yes No
Regional Support User is provided with orientation, support and guidance where needed. Yes Minimal (Corporate Support)

Contact your Regional Office for more information.