Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete the payment process?

Like most online stores the purchasing process is simple. Find the courses you want to buy and select the Add to cart button for a multiple course purchase or Buy it now button for a single purchase.

If you select the Add to cart button, a notification is displayed confirming the item is now in your cart. Once your cart is complete select the Checkout button to be redirected to the Checkout page.

If you select the Buy it now button you are immediately redirected to the Checkout page.

Enter your details in the fields on the Checkout page. Note: Ensure you use an email address that you have direct access to, as the profile setup prompts will be sent to your email address provided here, in order to gain access to your purchased courses. This is also the email address to which the purchased content will be made available.

Then select the Continue to payment button to proceed.

Note: Ensure to add your Country/Region when making your purchase.

Following this, simply enter your card details and select the Pay now button.

Once processed you will then see the confirmation of your order.

What happens after I make my first purchase?

Your first purchase will involve the creation of your very own SYSPRO LearnIt Online profile so that you can access your purchased courses. Follow these simple steps to create your profile and start your learning experience now.

1. Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from SYSPRO LearnIt Online which includes a summary or your order.

2. You will then receive an additional email from the SYSPRO LearnIt Online Team. This is used to create your online profile to access your purchased courses. You will only receive this email when you make your first purchase. All future purchased courses will be directly uploaded to your profile.

3. Within the body of the email you will see three links:

  • Your workspace URL
  • Your login email
  • And the Take me there link

4. Select the Take me there link to create your SYSPRO LearnIt Online profile, to access your courses.

5. You will then be taken to the sign up page.

  • Here you must sign up with the email that is populated in the Sign up field. i.e. The email you purchased your courses with.
  • Select the Sign in via email button to continue.

6. Follow the prompts and enter the required information to build your profile.

7. Once you’ve successfully created your profile, you are navigated to your user dashboard.

8. To find your bought courses, navigate to My Library in the side panel.

9. Within My Library, navigate to Shared with me.

10. All your courses that you’ve purchased can now be found here, including any additional courses that you might/will purchase in the future.

Can I buy a subscription to access all courses?

Yes. SYSPRO LearnIt Online has an annual subscription that is a cost-effective way for access to a complete learning experience that boasts reward-based learning, access to certifications as well as access to over 1200 courses, covering a large variety of topics all created to allow users to learn anything they want to know about SYSPRO.

Contact your Regional Office for more information.

Can I view and complete my courses on a mobile device?

Yes. You can do your learning on any mobile device, using the browser or alternatively by downloading the free HowNow app available for iOS & Android devices. These courses cannot, however, be viewed or completed offline.

1. Simply enter in the home page field and select Get started.

2. Then enter your login details.

3. Your courses will then display on the home page.

I’ve returned to purchase another course but have not received a link to the course, what happens next?

After your initial purchase, all further courses purchased will be automatically added to your user profile on SYSPRO LearnIt Online.

Simply login to your account after you have made your purchase and navigate to My Library

Within My Library, navigate to Shared with me.

Your purchased courses can then be found here.

Can I purchase courses for other people?

You can only purchase courses for yourself. Each course you purchase is assigned to your individual user profile on SYSPRO LearnIt Online. Therefore, remember to always keep the quantity for your purchases at 1 (one).

How long do I have access to the content?

60 days after your last purchase, you will be deactivated on SYSPRO LearnIt Online. However, we will keep your learning record, should you need to reactivate it at a later stage.